Brothers and Sisters, here we are again
pressing forward to expand our vision through
"walking and working together as one!" The call
is for us to have unity in all of our endeavors.
Life has taught us through similitudes and
metaphors that if we are to accomplish anything,
it has to be done as a unit!
One of life's lessons learned is if you take a twig
by it's self, it can be easily broken; but when you
start adding twigs to the single twig, the harder
it is to break them. Where we are headed as a
jurisdiction, we must stand together or we will
fall apart!
We are rapidly growing through mergers and
acquisitions. For those of us who have been a
part of this jurisdiction over the years, I urge
you to see this growth as a blessing of working
and walking together and not as competition for
the positions you now hold. Although, I do
encourage competition because it makes us all
better, you have no need to be threatened as
there are so many positions to be filled and so
much work to be done!
Let's come together with a "mind to work"
according to our theme. For when we are
working, we don't have time to be involved in
anything that will separate us. We are all family,
and let us love as one, walk as one, talk as one
and most of all work as one.
May God Bless our efforts and each of us.
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"My People Shall Perish for the Lack of Knowledge"
A:.A:.S:.R:.F:.M:. of the World, Inc.


Sov/Ill L. W. Myers, Jr
Sovereign Grand Master
I greet you all in the Name of the Most High God, the Alpha
and Omega of all life and the Universe. I pray all is well
with you in these difficult and economic times. I know that
this nation's future is bleak, however, I want each and
every one of you to understand, as we trust in the Alpha
and Omega of everything, He has no economic crisis for
those of us who trust in Him. Exodus 18:20 (KJV) states
“And thou shalt teach them ordinances and laws, and
shalt shew them the way wherein they must walk,
and the work that they must do.”
We as leaders have a call, a demand, and a mandate to
teach our members the manner in which we all must live
to win our success! We are called on to lead our
jurisdiction in the manner with which we must      
"walk," and the great "work" we must do!

This is not the time to make excuses! It is a time that we
must embrace this aggressive agenda that will make us
all better! When we walk in and work our plans of action,
there is no room for doubt, or fear (false evidence
against reality), and grumbling. We all have a stake in
Sovereign Grand Assembly is:
"Walking and Working Together As One."
Our future is ours to chart, our past is ours to write, and our
legacy is ours to leave! We must remember what the
billionaire Warren Buffet declared:
"Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too
heavy to be broken."
The chains of our old habits has to be broken if we are
going to reach to the goals and dreams we have set for
ourselves! There is no room for those who will seek to
undermine one of the greatest eras in Masonic History!
The time is now, the call is now, the work is now!

Nehemiah 4:6b states: "for the people had a mind to work!"
It is our time! Let's go to work!
God Bless America, and God Bless this Jurisdiction!!!


Very/Ill. Mattie T. Cohen
Sovereign Grand Matron