"In the pleasant labors of compiling this work I have been assisted by one of the
brightest stars in the galaxy of brilliant meteors in the Masonic Firmament, to
whom I heartily tender my grateful acknowledgements; hoping that the
advantages anticipated may be fully realized by my brethern."
C. L. Mitchell, 33rd, Grand Master
  M. W. King Solomon Grand Lodge
                         A. F. & A. M. Of Texas and Masonic Jurisdiction
San Antonio, Texas.
Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge is a complete
Jurisdiction, and not the Grand Lodge for the State of
Georgia. Nehemiah Grand Lodge is in fact the Grand
Lodge for the State of Georgia, with Sov/Ill. Nathaniel
Thomas serving as its Grand Master, which operates
under the jurisdiction of Hiram United Sovereign Grand
Lodge. There are also other subordinate Grand Bodies
throughout the world under this jurisdiction.
Since the late 1700's, much of the time spent by Prince
Hall Masons has been dedicated to the non-recognition
of other legitimate bodies of Masonry in the United States.
The document to the right clearly begins to add strong
testimony and definition to the actual origin of how Prince
Hall became in existence in this country. Although some
factions may have been healed since this time, the level
of ignorance regarding their origin cannot be refuted any
longer. Click on the document @ right to learn more...
Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge
seeks to welcome with open arms all
the truth in an effort to make them
legitimate.. Once you have read the
seeks to welcome with open arms all
material on this page, you will truly
Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge
understand that it is time for Masonry in
America to bring closure to the division
that has existed for over 4 centuries...

No matter the claims of the leaders
from past, unless there is irrefutable
evidence to support the PHA
organization as being legitimate, PHA
members will continue to live in denial
of the truth. Our "Sovereign Grand
Lodge" seeks to put an end to this
century old argument of ignorance
once and for all. Click on the Court of
Appeals document to the left, and come
one, come all...The light is here,
if you want it!!!
Not much can be said for a body listing other
legitimate bodies as BOGUS. The Phylaxis
Society has truly regarded themselves as the
jurisdictional body of Free Masons in America,
but they are not what they speak. Reference for
this organization can be found at:

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