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"My People Shall Perish for the Lack of Knowledge"
A:.A:.S:.R:.F:.M:. of the World, Inc.

And we humbly thank you in
advance for your Support!!!...

The 365 Club was first introduced at the February 2013 Annual Higher Degree
Encampment in Atlanta Georgia.

Our Purpose: To elevate recognition of Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge & Nykali
Sovereign Grand Chapter as advocates of benevolence.  We advance our involvement in
the community through education, financial sponsorship, spiritual awakening and through
use of other uplifting motivational tools that promote visibility of our goodwill.  Our vision is
to make good men and women better servants of their communities.  Our continuing goal
will be to become fundraisers for the national body; implementing events, pledges and
other activities to help finance initiatives for the jurisdiction.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to our jurisdiction's growth.
The Sovereign Grand Lodge
and Sovereign Grand Chapter's
365 Fund