Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge History

Hiram Sovereign Grand Lodge, Inc., was organized in August
1927 in Selma, Alabama and was headquartered in Birmingham,
Alabama. The organization went through a leadership change in
March 1995 and for the first time in 44 years a new Sovereign
Grand Master was elected.

Hiram United Grand Lodge was organized through group
discussion in the month of October 1994 The group was then led
by Ill. Jacob Oneal and Most/Ill. Mattie T. Cohen of Columbus
Georgia. That group approached Sov/Ill. L.W. Myers, Jr., a
Masonic Juris on the legality and constitutionality of such an
organization. After a week of research, Sov/Ill. Myers, informed
the group of the requirements of such an  undertaking.

Most of the members of this group were members of Modern
Free, Travelers Masonic Jurisdiction, Reformed Universal
Masonic Jurisdiction, and United National Masonic Jurisdiction
who felt the basic principles of masonry were not being followed
in their organizations. Their focus was a return to the Religious
Degrees for both Eastern Stars and Masons.

The group wanted a Masonic Jurisdiction that would include all
masonic degrees. Some members were dissatisfied in the
direction the other organizations had taken-- and looked to
organize an organization that was more membership and
service oriented.

After Hiram United Grand Lodge, Inc., was organized, they
sought to elect a leader. The suggestion was made that Sov/Ill.
L. W. Myers, Jr., be that United Grand Master. Sov/Ill. Myers
informed the members of Hiram United that he was already
serving as Sovereign Grand Master of Hiram Sovereign Grand
Lodge and there would be the need for the two organizations to
merge. After several meetings, and the merger was agreed to,
the two organizations became one by amending their
certificates of incorporation in the state of Georgia in 1995,  
Hence: Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge, Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasons of the World, Inc., was born.

With untiring energy Sov/Ill L.W. Myers, Jr., located the  
dormant Holy See" of The Original Supreme Council of
Sovereign Grand Inspectors Generals of the 33rd and Last
Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite
Freemasons of the United
States, Their Territories and Dependancies.

This "Holy See" was organized in 1762 and fully recognized by
the Supreme Council, Mother Lodge of the World of England
under the Supreme Constitutions of Councils in 1786 as the first
legal Jurisdiction to come to the United States,
Territories and Dependancies. The Organization practiced the
Original 25 Scottish Rite Degrees until England
overhauled its higher degrees in 1821. Thus
was born the 4th through the 33rd and Last Degree of
Masonry as we know them today.

This Holy See gave birth to all of The 33rd and Last Degree
Scottish Rite Councils in America. After much turmoil and
Jurisdictional conflicts, a Schism created the different bodies.
The Original Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors
Generals of the 33rd and Last Degree of the Ancient and
Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the United States,
their Territories and Dependancies  began several lawsuits in
order to preserve its Sovereign Rites within the United States,
losing five lawsuits and winning one against the state of
North Carolina in 1915. This was the last official act
of this body in the United States.

The last Official Meeting held as filed with the Secretary of
States Office in the state of Ohio, occurred on October 24, 1910.
Through the Assistance of The Secretary of State Office,
Hiram United Sovereign Grand Lodge was able to secure all
Rights and  Privileges to activate this "Holy See". It took three
33rd Degree to form the Council to revive this "Holy See". They
were: Sov/Ill. L.W. Myers, Jr., Sov/Ill. David C. Cooper, and
Sov/Ill. Carl G. Johnson Jr. Hiram United Sovereign Grand
Lodge  Higher Degrees are now Duly Sanctioned.

Along with this "Holy See," came the authority invested in this
Jursdiction to issue Charters to other Masonic Jurisdictions
who do not have Sanctions for their Higher Degrees. Hiram
United Sovereign Grand Lodge may, at its discretion establish
Orients, Valleys and Encampments throughout the
United States, Their Territories and
Dependancies, and the World.
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